Do your teeth appear shorter than they really are because you have gums that ride lower than most? Thanks to modern technology, gums can be reshaped to get rid of a gummy smile and give you a more natural look. Many people are self-conscious about their gummy smile and if you are one of them, you can discuss a getting a gum reduction with Richmond Hill dental professionals. A gum reduction can alter your gums enough to give you the smile you desire. Along with achieving a smile you are proud of, gum reduction can also help with other restorative processes later on such as placing dental crowns.

What is a gum reduction?

There are several common names for a gum reduction including gum reshaping, or gum contouring. No matter which name it goes by, it is a cosmetic dental procedure that will uncover more of your teeth. Even though it is considered a surgical procedure, it is done in the dentist’s office and is not a complicated or painful procedure.

Why should you have a gum reduction?

You can elect to have gum reduction in the Toronto dentist office even though you have healthy teeth. There are some medical conditions that can lead to a gummy smile and some medications can cause it. It may just be due to your genetic makeup too, if others in your family have had gummy smiles. The extra tissue doesn’t serve any purpose, so having a gum reduction procedure done will not hurt or destroy something that is necessary. With a relatively simple procedure, you can have the beautiful smile you’ve been wanting.

What is getting a gum reduction like?

When you get a gum reduction in Toronto, the dentist will mark where the new gum line should be prior to starting. Once they know where the gum line should be, they can cut away the extra gum using a laser or a scalpel. You will be given either a local or a topical anesthetic before they begin so there shouldn’t be much pain involved. The dentist will remove the gums up to the line they marked. In rare cases, if there is bone lying below the gum line, it will also be removed. There can be some bleeding if the dentist uses a scalpel, but when a laser is used there is very little bleeding and recovery time is shortened.

What is the recovery from gum surgery going to be like?

It will take a little bit of time for the gums to heal after the gum reduction. You will need to rest the day following the surgery. Pain should be minimal and is usually easily handled with over the counter medications like Tylenol or ibuprofen. Products containing aspirin should be avoided since they can increase bleeding. To avoid irritation, you will want to eat soft, cool foods for a few days allowing the gums time to heal. Make sure to follow any dentist recommendations about how to brush and floss your teeth.