There can be several reasons why teens seek out dental assistance for teeth grinding in Toronto, Ontario. One of the primary causes is stress and for teenagers, academic stress can be a large factor. Stress for anyone, including teens can cause a variety of symptoms like teeth grinding or jaw clenching. These habits, although seemingly insignificant, can lead to serious dental problems if they are not treated.

What Causes Teeth Grinding in Teens?

Bruxism, or teeth grinding can be caused be any one of a number of things. Many times, teens grind their teeth while they are sleeping. The primary cause of this is stress. There can be many factors that cause teenagers stress. It may be their studies at school, social pressure or a number of other sources of anxiety. They may be trying to keep up with a demanding schedule, have a heavy workload, exams, their grades, or trying to meet deadlines. The end result is teens who need to see a dentist for teeth grinding in Toronto Ontario.

Signs and Symptoms Your Teen is Grinding their Teeth

In most cases, teeth grinding occurs while the teen is sleeping and so some parents might not be totally aware of it. Here are some signs your teen may be grinding their teeth:

  • Tops of their teeth look flat
  • Teeth are sensitive to cold or hot
  • Indentations on their tongue
  • Frequent headaches
  • Pain in the jaw or in the ear

Treatment Options for Teeth Grinding

When you seek professional dental help for your teen’s teeth grinding in Toronto Ontario, you may be given a few treatment options. These may include ways to alleviate stress such as yoga, exercise, massage, meditation or time management strategies. A dentist may also recommend the use of a night guard for teeth grinding.