A dental filling is used to fill a hole or cavity in a tooth. A dentist will remove the decayed and damaged portions of the tooth and then fill it with a safe substance so the tooth is strengthened and functional. Do you need a filling, or need to find out if you need one? Are you looking for an affordable dental filling in Toronto and wonder how you are going to find one? Don’t wait until you have a dental emergency! Try one or more of these tips for finding an affordable dental filling in Toronto.

Dental Fillings Options

One of the things to consider when trying to find an affordable dentist in Toronto, is the material used for the fillings. Discuss with your dentist what options are available for an affordable dental filling in Toronto. They are knowledgeable of the various materials used to make fillings and can choose the type of material based on each individual’s needs. They may look at aesthetic qualities, how long the filling is expected to last, how much insurance is going to pay and how much your out of pocket expenses may be. Discuss your insurance and financial situation with your dental professional.

Common Filling Materials

There are three different filling materials commonly used by dental professionals: composite resin, dental amalgam and gold. The dentist can make his recommendation based on where the cavity is located in the mouth and function of the affected tooth. Dental Amalgam fillings are the most affordable dental filling in Toronto, but they have a silver appearance and are best used in the back of the mouth where they are less noticeable. The cost of composite resins are mid-range and they have the most natural look. Gold fillings are the most costly but are durable.