Many people fear the words, “root canal.” Most think of it as a painful, dental experience. But the truth is that root canal therapy in Toronto is not any more painful that getting a filling or a routine teeth cleaning. The pain one feels prior to having a root canal done is usually much more uncomfortable and painful than the actual root canal treatment. When you choose to avoid root canal therapy in Toronto because you are afraid of the process, you are actually causing deeper infection, decay and damage.

What is a root canal?

Trauma or a cavity can cause the pulp inside a tooth to become infected. A root canal is a procedure which removes the damaged pulp, cleans it out and reshapes the canal. The pulp is replaced with a dental material called guttapercha. It fills the inside of the tooth where the pulp used to be and helps keep the tooth intact.

Who needs root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy in Toronto is necessary when there is an infection in a tooth’s pulp. The infection can be caused by trauma, chipped or cracked teeth or decay. Sometimes an infection is a sign a former root canal has failed. Symptoms of a tooth infection include:

  • Trauma to the tooth causing it to become injured
  • Swollen gums around an infected tooth
  • A tooth that becomes sensitive to temperature changes
  • Pain in the tooth and gums around it

Root canal therapy in Toronto is more likely to relieve you of pain, than to cause pain. It can also help you keep the natural tooth rather than needing to have it extracted. Today’s modern technology, techniques and pain management strategies help keep root canals from being painful.