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Dental Emergency

Acting fast in a dental emergency may help you save your tooth. However, some accidents can wait — in some cases, it may be better to schedule an appointment for the following day if the accident occurs after business hours. It is important to know what is an emergency situation and what steps you should take before reach the dentist.

How to Know When You Have a Dental Emergency

Several types of accidents cause damage to teeth, including biting into hard food, an impact to the face while playing sports, or a fall. If the chip or fracture is minor, you should see your dentist as soon as possible, but it is not an emergency. On the other hand, if the crack is large, you lose a sizable piece of your tooth, you suffer nerve damage, or your tooth falls out completely, you need immediate medical care.

What to Do in an Emergency

The exact steps you should take will depend on the type of emergency. For instance, if you knock out a permanent tooth, try to push it back in without making contact with the root. If this is not possible, hold the tooth in your mouth between your cheek and gums or preserve it in milk or a tooth preservation product. If you crack your tooth, rinse your mouth with warm water and hold a cold compress against your face to reduce swelling.

In both situations, call your dentist straight away to arrange an emergency visit. Provide as much information as possible before you arrive to ensure your dentist is prepared to receive you.