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Smile Enhancement

Smile enhancement includes all the adjustments and procedures the dentist can do to improve the attractiveness of your smile. If you are not satisfied with the look of your smile, talk to Dr; Vandersluis for ideas on how to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

A Whiter, Brighter Smile

Teeth can become dingy and discolored over time. Teeth whitening can give you back your cleanest, brightest smile. The simplest whitening technique is bleaching, which should always be performed under the supervision of your dentist.

Other teeth whitening techniques may involve covering the tooth with a crown or a veneer. Dental bonding can also give your teeth a whiter look while at the same time repairing teeth.

An Unspoiled Smile

Stains and discolorations can make your teeth look dirty and unattractive. The dentist can apply veneers to your teeth to cover up stains and improve the shapes of your teeth. Other techniques, such as bonding or covering the tooth with a crown, can also be effective in giving you a clean, unspoiled smile.

A More Even Smile

A crooked or uneven smile can spoil the appearance of an otherwise beautiful smile. The dentist offers many procedures that can correct the appearance of crooked teeth. Veneers can cover up imperfections in the shapes of your teeth and eve hide gaps between your teeth. Bonding allows the dentist to reshape your teeth and make them appear straighter as well as longer if you choose.

A Complete Smile

Missing teeth mar the appearance of your smile, often more than any other defect. The dentist offers many different options for replacing missing teeth. A dental implant and crown can take the place of a tooth that was lost due to decay or injury. Porcelain crowns reflect the light well to make your smile look natural and lustrous.

A Straighter Smile Line

Your smile line is the imaginary line that follows the bottoms of your top teeth and the tops of your lower teeth. Tooth irregularities can give you a crooked smile line. The dentist offers several different treatments to change the apparent lengths off your teeth so your smile line is pleasingly even.

A Stronger, Healthier Smile

No smile enhancement would really earn that name if it weakened or damaged your teeth. Cracked or chipped teeth can be made more stable and attractive with veneers or crowns. Dr. Vandersluis only offers treatments that keep your teeth as strong and healthy as they are beautiful.

Setting Goals for Smile Enhancement

When you are ready to improve the look of your smile, set up an appointment to see the dentist for a consultation. Before you come in, you can look carefully at your teeth and notice exactly what it is that makes you dissatisfied with your smile. Then, when you see the dentist, you can explain your goals.

The dentist will also examine your teeth to look for other cosmetic issues you might not have noticed. When he has gathered all this information, he presents you with options for improving your smile. He sets up a treatment plan, and the transformation can begin!