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Broken Tooth

You put your teeth under pressure every day when you bite and chew your food. Usually, your teeth can withstand the task, but occasionally they have the misfortune to break. Teeth can also break due to an impact to the face, decay or cavities, and even old amalgam fillings that fail to provide sufficient support to the remaining enamel.

What to Do If You Break a Tooth

Sometimes it can be a while before you notice you have broken a tooth, as there is usually no pain. As soon as you do realize, you need to head straight to the dentist. Seeking medical attention will prevent further damage and infection and reduce the risk that you lose the tooth.

What Will Your Dentist Do?

Your dentist will treat your broken tooth according to the severity of the problem. Small chips may require no treatment, but it is still a good idea to receive this diagnosis from a medical professional. If the chip is noticeable or feels uncomfortable, your dentist may polish and smooth the broken area or, especially on a front tooth, fit a dental veneer. For more significant damage, your dentist may repair the tooth with filling material in a process called bonding.

If a larger piece breaks off, your dentist may need to file away some of the remaining tooth to fit a crown. In the case the entire top is broken off but the root remains, you will need root canal therapy before the installation of a crown.