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Check up and Cleaning

Regular checkups with your dentist are essential for maintaining good oral health, even if you are experiencing no problems. Your dentist can diagnose conditions, including gum disease, decay, and oral cancer, in their earliest stages, before symptoms are even present. This enables you to begin treatment as soon as possible. Your dentist may even notice signs that indicate other health issues, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological disorders, and pregnancy complications.

What Happens During a Checkup?

At a checkup, your dentist will examine your teeth, gums, and mouth using a metal probe and mirror. He or she will ask you about any issues you are having and, if it is your first time with this dentist, about previous dental work.
Your dentist will also want to know about your lifestyle and health in general and will ask if you are taking any medications. This is important because all these factors can have an impact on your dental health. For instance, some types of medication lead to dry mouth and increase your risk of cavities.

Teeth Cleaning

Most people like to include a teeth cleaning in their biannual checkup. Using a scaler (a small metal tool) or an ultrasonic vibrating device, your dentist will remove all the tartar from your teeth, including below the gum line. It is impossible to remove this tartar yourself with brushing alone. Your dentist will then polish your teeth with a paste to rid teeth of stains and to create a smooth surface that prevents plaque buildup.